Burundi Airlines


Burundi Airlines is the national flag carrier of Burundi, a small landlocked country located in East Africa. The airline is headquartered in Bujumbura, the economic capital of the country, and is a significant player in the region, focusing on providing safe and reliable air travel services. Burundi Airlines aims to connect Burundi with the rest of the African continent and key international destinations. The airline operates with a commitment to boosting the country’s tourism sector and facilitating business and leisure travel for both domestic and international passengers.


Burundi Airlines operates flights that connect the country’s economic capital, Bujumbura, with major cities in Africa. The airline aims to serve key regional hubs and extend its network to include more international destinations. Typical routes may include flights to Nairobi (Kenya), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Johannesburg (South Africa), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), and several other important cities across the continent. The airline is also exploring potential routes to Europe and the Middle East.


At its inception, Burundi Airlines is set to operate with two Xian MA60 aircraft. These are 52-seater, two-engine turboprop airplanes, suitable for short to medium-haul routes. More aircraft are expected to be acquired as the airline expands its operations and as the need arises in the future.


Official site: www.burundiairlines.bi