Borinquen Air

Established in 1961, Borinquen Air, which also conducted business under the names Amber Service, Air Puerto Rico, and Diaz Aviation, is a charter airline rooted in Puerto Rico, offering regional passenger and cargo flights. Operatively based at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, the airline, led by Sixto Diaz Saldaña, diversifies its services, inclusive of selling aviation fuel since 1985. As a carrier with a rich historical backdrop, its aircraft have connected various Caribbean destinations, also becoming part of aviation history through remarkable aircraft like the famed “Delta Ship 41”.


Borinquen Air has fostered connections between numerous destinations. Specifically, the airline serviced routes to and from Saint Martin, Culebra, and Vieques. Historically, the airline also maintained operations to notable destinations such as Miami, Santo Domingo, and Montego Bay, establishing it as a vital connector in the Caribbean region.


As of January 2013, Borinquen Air operated a pair of diverse aircraft: a 7-passenger Beechcraft Model 18 and a cargo-configured Douglas DC-3. The airline’s fleet has experienced evolution over the years, with notable aircraft like Douglas DC-6, Douglas DC-9, Martin 4-0-4, and Short 330 once being pivotal assets. Particularly, one DC-3, recognized as “Delta Ship 41,” has been preserved and is exhibited at Delta’s Air Transport Heritage Museum after its repurchase by Delta Airlines.


  • IATA: FD