Billund Rundflyvning

Billund Rundflyvning, operating under the name “Scenic-Photo-Banner Flights,” is an EU-OPS approved airline certified by the Trafikstyrelsen (DTA) to conduct scenic flights, photography flights, and banner towing. The company adheres to the same stringent requirements that larger commercial and charter airlines are subject to, encompassing areas like safety, flight service, maintenance, and documentation. The fleet comprises the Cessna 172 type, which can accommodate three adults and one child, excluding the pilot. For nearly half a century, they’ve been offering flights from Billund, having transported over 2 million passengers over renowned attractions like LEGOLAND® and Løveparken.


Operating from Billund International Airport and Lemvig Airfield, Billund Rundflyvning specializes in scenic tours, particularly during the summer months. They also offer year-round specialized flights, such as seal counting in Danish waters and aerial archaeology to discover ancient relics. The airline’s commitment to the local environment is evident, with flights over LEGOLAND® and Løveparken ceasing by 19:00 daily to reduce noise. However, post this time, alternate scenic routes are available to view the picturesque Danish landscape.


Billund Rundflyvning operates with the Cessna 172 type, capable of transporting three adults and a child (max 35 kg) besides the pilot. This aircraft type is particularly suited for the scenic, photography, and specialized missions the airline undertakes.


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