BermudAir, the epitome of sublime and sophisticated air travel, soared into the aviation world on May 5, 2023, and embarked on operational journeys starting from August 31 of the same year. As the inaugural airline rooted in the vibrant locale of Hamilton, Bermuda, BermudAir has meticulously bridged the aerial gap between the pristine shores of Bermuda and key east coast cities of the United States, crafting journeys that are not only seamless but also exude a quintessential charm distinct to Bermudian hospitality.


BermudAir proudly operates from its hub at L.F. Wade International Airport, Hamilton, Bermuda, creating aerial paths that connect Bermuda with crucial destinations in the United States. The cities graced by BermudAir’s presence encompass Boston, Fort Lauderdale, and White Plains, offering passengers an elite flying experience paired with the enchanting lure of these destinations.


BermudAir curates transcendent journeys through its pair of Embraer 175 aircraft, which once adorned the skies under Flybe. With a passenger capacity of 44 and tuned to prioritize a blend of comfort, safety, and in-flight serenity, each voyage with BermudAir transpires to be more than just a journey — it becomes an exquisite chapter of the traveler’s story.


  • IATA: 2T

Official site:

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