Barrier Air

Barrier Air is a New Zealand-based airline that specializes in providing passenger service to several destinations within the country. Founded as Great Barrier Xpress in 1983, the airline later rebranded to Barrier Air. The company primarily serves routes that connect mainland New Zealand with outlying islands, focusing particularly on the Great Barrier Island. With a commitment to safety, reliability, and excellent customer service, Barrier Air has become a vital lifeline for communities on these islands, offering not only regular flights but also scenic tours and charter services.


Barrier Air operates flights connecting Auckland, North Shore, Hamilton, and Tauranga to the Great Barrier Island. They also provide flights to Kaitaia and other regional destinations upon request. Additionally, the airline offers charter flights and scenic tours around Great Barrier Island, making it a versatile choice for both residents and tourists.


The airline primarily operates a fleet of Cessna Grand Caravans, a versatile and reliable aircraft suitable for the short-haul routes Barrier Air specializes in. These aircraft are well-suited for the sometimes challenging landing strips on Great Barrier Island and other regional airports.



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