Azul Conecta

Azul Conecta, a subsidiary of Azul Brazilian Airlines, is focused on offering regional air travel solutions in Brazil. The airline was originally known as Two Flex but was acquired and rebranded by Azul in 2020 to extend its network and offer more convenient options for passengers traveling to smaller towns and cities. Azul Conecta aims to provide not only cost-effective travel but also increased connectivity for places that are typically less accessible by larger commercial airlines. With an emphasis on excellent customer service and safety, Azul Conecta has become an essential part of Brazil’s regional air travel landscape.


Azul Conecta primarily operates domestic flights within Brazil, connecting smaller towns and cities to major hubs. The airline focuses on under-served markets and aims to provide convenient travel options for both business and leisure passengers.


The airline operates a fleet of Cessna 208B Grand Caravan aircraft. These are single-engine turboprops, specifically designed for regional routes and capable of landing on shorter runways, thus making them ideal for the kind of services that Azul Conecta offers.


  • IATA: 2F

Official site:

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