AX Transporter

Founded in 2002, AX Transporter is a distinguished air taxi and private charter service known for personalized, versatile offerings in air-ground tourist tours and critical logistics solutions. Affiliated with Grupo Seguridad Integral (GSI), a company with over 35 years in the private security sector, AX Transporter specializes in the custody and transfer of air values, in addition to facilitating exclusive tourist experiences in regions like the Valleys of Baja California and ancient Mayan routes. With both national and international reach, the company ensures impeccable logistics tailored to individual or organizational needs, operating with a fleet capable of accommodating up to 18 passengers.


AX Transporter provides comprehensive private flight services, connecting numerous destinations across the Mexican peninsula and extending to international locales. National destinations encompass key points like Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Merida, and more. The international flights span locations including Havana, Cuba, The Bahamas, Miami, Belize, and Honduras, thus ensuring a broad coverage that transcends traditional boundaries.


The fleet comprises of aircraft like the Cessna Turbostationair 206 and the Cessna Grand Caravan 208b, tailored for varied passenger capacities and missions. These airplanes not only assure secure transit of values and high-value goods but also facilitate unique tourist experiences, group mobilizations, and air transfers. The inclusion of aerial photography capabilities further augments the offerings, enhancing exploration and adventure for passengers on Day Tours and convention group travels.


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