Aviostart, a private Bulgarian charter company, was established in February 1999 and is recognized in the global aviation market as a reliable carrier. Registered as a Limited liability company in Sofia, it possesses the requisite certifications for international air operations. Founded and managed by experienced aviation professionals, Aviostart extends a diverse range of air transport services, including own and leased aircraft operations, cargo transport, and varied charter and non-scheduled air operations, skillfully navigating the realms of cargo, passengers, and VIP tourist operations.


Aviostart specializes in various types of air transport services. While specific destinations might not be fixed due to the nature of charter and non-scheduled flights, the company prides itself on its capacity to conduct international air operations, offering customized flight paths for charter passengers, VIP, and business flights, ensuring goods and relief deliveries reach any global location, and managing both ‘last-minute flights’ and specialized air carriages, such as humanitarian.


Aviostart’s fleet encompasses a wide variety of aircraft, tailored to meet different transportation needs. Small and light jets in the fleet include the Piaggio Avanti, Learjet 60 XR, and Cessna CJ2, offering swift and efficient travel options. Their midsize jets, suitable for a range of purposes from passenger to cargo transport, include models like the Tu 204 C, Boeing 737-400 F, Boeing 737, ATR 42, Embraer Legacy 600/650, Falcon 2000, and Challenger 605, providing an assorted selection to cater to specific client requirements and travel nuances.


Official site: aviostart-bg.com

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