Avionord is an Italian airline that provides executive jet services through its Avionord Executive division. The airline’s fleet is characterized by modern design and unique aircraft performance, aiming to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for its passengers. Avionord Executive’s fleet is signed entirely by the Brand Leader Learjet Bombardier, known for superior technical features and flight performance.


Details on specific destinations served by Avionord were not available. However, given its executive and charter nature, the airline likely provides tailored services to various domestic and international destinations based on client needs.


The Avionord fleet consists of Learjet Bombardier aircraft, designed for comfort, style, and superior flight performance. The exact number of aircraft and the models within the fleet is not explicitly mentioned, but a source suggests a fleet size of six aircraft, including models like Bombardier Challenger 600.


  • IATA: [Not available]

Official site: www.avionord-executive.com

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