Aviesa, a Mexican charter airline, serves a myriad of aviation needs, including FBO, ACMI, handling, aircraft leasing and sales, air taxi, VIP charters, aircraft management, air ambulance, cargo, and aircraft repair. Founded in 1986 by Grupo Hermanos Abed (GHA) and resurrected in 1995 as an independent entity after a brief hiatus, the airline has withstood various transitions, notably an acquisition in 2002 by Asclepiodoto Abed, and a shift to a wholly individual company in 2008 following Abed’s demise. Aviesa primarily operates from its base at Toluca Airport.


Aviesa specializes in providing diverse aviation services, from VIP charters and air taxi services to air ambulance and cargo services, operating predominantly from Toluca Airport. The company, leveraging its versatile fleet, also provides aircraft lease and sale options, alongside management and repair services.


The airline boasts an extensive fleet spanning various aircraft categories. Light jets include Learjet models 25, 31, and 35. Mid jets range from the Cessna Citation Excel and V to the Dassault Falcon 20 and 50, and more. Heavy jets and commercial jets in their possession encompass models like the Bombardier Global Express, Dassault Falcon 7X, Airbus A320, and Boeing 737 series, among others.


Official site: aviesa.com

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