Aviatsa also known as La Aerolínea Aviación Tecnológica, was founded on October 9, 2015, and is a noteworthy Honduran charter airline. Having been granted an air operator’s certificate by the Honduran Aviation Authorities in the same year, Aviatsa has marked its place in the aviation industry, providing scheduled flights across selected destinations and ensuring a connective link within Honduras. Operating with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Aviatsa steadily sails through the skies with its solitary, yet significant, aircraft.


As of February 2022, Aviatsa operates flights to two pivotal destinations within Honduras, ensuring a seamless connection between key cities. The airline ensures frequent and reliable services to and from these destinations, providing a vital link in the nation’s air travel network. The scheduled destinations include Roatán, via Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport, and Tegucigalpa, using the Toncontín International Airport as its hub.


Aviatsa maintains a fleet size of one, navigating the skies with a Boeing 737-200, which has the capacity to carry 120 passengers. Despite its concise fleet, the airline assures a steadfast and secure travel experience, upholding its commitment to safety, reliability, and customer comfort, while simultaneously ensuring that each flight adheres to the highest standards of aviation operations.



Official site: www.aviatsa-hn.com

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