Avcon Jet


Avcon Jet, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, stands out as one of the largest business aviation companies in Europe, holding a prestigious position in the private aviation sector. Founded in 2007, the company specializes in primarily offering charter flights and managing business travel aircraft, further extending its services to the buying and selling of aircraft, aviation consulting, and aircraft maintenance. As of 2019, Avcon Jet operates over 70 private jets globally, employs over 400 staff, and has generated a revenue exceeding 150 million Euros. With 14 locations across Europe, Asia, and Africa, and holding Air Operator Certificates for various countries, Avcon Jet exemplifies a blend of passion and expertise in the aviation industry.


With a versatile global footprint, Avcon Jet navigates through numerous destinations worldwide, facilitating luxurious and efficient travel solutions for its clientele. It operates from strategic locations such as Vienna-Schwechat Airport, Basel-Mülhausen Airport, Moscow-Vnukovo Airport, and Kyiv-Boryspil Airport, thereby ensuring expansive connectivity across Europe and beyond, aligning with its mission to offer ultimate flexibility and tailor-made solutions in private aviation.


Avcon Jet maintains a diverse and impressive fleet of over 70 private jets, enabling a wide range of business jet models and choices for its clients. Each aircraft signifies a commitment to luxurious, secure, and convenient travel, ensuring that each journey is as exceptional as the passengers. Although specific aircraft models are not mentioned, the fleet ensures global reach and is managed by a dedicated team of aviation experts and enthusiasts who share and live the dream of impeccable aviation services.



Official site: www.avconjet.at