AVA Airways

Ava Airways, a startup international airline situated in the Dominican Republic, had its maiden voyage initially planned for March 2020. However, due to unforeseen circumstances related to the global coronavirus pandemic, its launch was postponed and is now anticipated in either summer or autumn of 2021. Established as an ‘Airline of the Americas,’ Ava Airways harbors ambitions of bridging destinations across the continent, with a foundation firmly rooted at Domingo Las Americas International Airport, chosen for the nation’s strategic location and bilateral status.


The airline envisages operating scheduled flights, bridging Santo Domingo with numerous destinations across North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Although exact route details remain under wraps, the emphasis is on connecting key locales across the continent, promising an expansive network for passengers.


Ava Airways aims to deploy the A320 aircraft for its international flights, a choice synonymous with reliability and efficiency for mid-range travel. Additionally, the Dash 8-400 aircraft is in contention to serve local domestic destinations, ensuring a versatile fleet capable of managing varied route demands.


Official site: avaairways.com

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