Atlantsflug, also known as Atlantic Island Air, is an Icelandic airline primarily known for its sightseeing flights. Established in 1990 under the name Atlantic Island Air and re-established in 2004 as Atlantsflug, this family-owned airline operates from Skaftafell Terminal – Tour Center. Atlantsflug offers breathtaking aerial views of Iceland’s unspoiled highland wonders, glaciers, volcanoes, and riverbeds, by helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. It’s recognized as the original flightseeing company in Skaftafell National Park, and has been offering high-quality and personal service for over 20 years. The airline takes pride in providing a once in a lifetime experience to its customers, making it a reputable name in aerial sightseeing in Iceland.


Atlantsflug operates locally, providing sightseeing flights over Iceland’s natural wonders. The destinations include areas around Skaftafell National Park, showcasing glaciers, volcanoes, riverbeds, and the serene Icelandic highlands. The flights provide a unique perspective on the country’s pristine and diverse landscapes.


The specifics on the types of airplanes and helicopters Atlantsflug operates with are not publicly available. However, it’s mentioned that they operate both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft for their sightseeing flights.



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