Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways, the national airline of the Faroe Islands, has served as a crucial connection to the archipelago, providing both scheduled and charter flights. Established in 1987, the airline undertakes the pivotal role of linking the Faroe Islands with several international destinations, ensuring accessibility to this enchanting North Atlantic destination. Its commitment to quality service and secure, comfortable travel has facilitated enhanced global connectivity for the Faroese community and its visitors.


Operating from its base at Vágar Airport, Atlantic Airways provides essential connections between the Faroe Islands and various international destinations. The airline typically serves routes within Europe, connecting the islands to countries such as Denmark, Iceland, and the United Kingdom, thereby facilitating both tourism and business travel to and from the Faroe Islands.


As of the last available data, Atlantic Airways operated a fleet comprising Airbus A319 and Airbus A320neo aircraft. The airline has always prioritized modern, efficient aircraft to ensure reliable service across its route network. With a focus on safety and operational efficiency, its aircraft are equipped to navigate the unique meteorological and geographical challenges presented by the North Atlantic region.


  • IATA: RC

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