ATA Airlines

ATA Airlines is an Iranian airline headquartered in Tabriz International Airport. Founded on 17 December 2008, it commenced its operations in 2010. The airline primarily serves domestic and international destinations within the Middle East and also offers charter services. The name ATA translates to ‘father’ in Turkish and Azeri languages. Despite having a logo reminiscent of the American airline American Trans Air, ATA Airlines shares no affiliation with the said company.


ATA Airlines offers scheduled flights to 36 destinations, covering key cities in Iran and extending its reach to international locations such as Georgia, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey. With hubs located in Mashhad, Tabriz, and both airports in Tehran, it ensures a broad connectivity within its network.


ATA Airlines’ fleet as of April 2023 includes Airbus A320-200, Boeing 737 variants, Embraer ERJ 145ER, and McDonnell Douglas MD-83, totalling 13 aircraft in service.


  • IATA: I3

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