Founded in 2009 by Charles CLAIR, an experienced airline pilot with over 4,000 flight hours and a fervent entrepreneur, Astonjet has risen to prominence in the world of business aviation. Fueled by Charles’ twin passions for aviation and entrepreneurship, the company has been built on a foundation of quality, precision, and rigorous standards. Notably, Charles is also the driving force behind Astonfly, the leading pilot training institution in France. Today, Astonjet stands as a towering figure in the business aviation sector, symbolizing excellence and reliability.

Certifications and Safety

Endorsed by the French Civil Aviation, Astonjet proudly holds an Air Operator Certificate, testifying to its commitment to the highest safety standards. This commitment is further demonstrated by the regular audits and in-flight inspections conducted by European authorities, ensuring the airline’s continuous adherence to global safety benchmarks.


Distinctly positioned as a private jet airline, Astonjet operates under the Air Operator Certificate FR.AOC.055. It is not merely a broker but a bonafide airline, managing a fleet of owner aircrafts that fly across the globe, upholding the essence of quality, symbolized by a seamless blend of the palm, head, and heart in their operations.


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