Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos

Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos is a regional airline based in Chile, specializing in providing air travel services to some of the more remote and scenic locations within the country. The airline plays a crucial role in connecting the mainland with various islands and remote areas that are otherwise difficult to access. Known for its commitment to safety and customer service, Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos has carved out a niche for itself in providing unique travel experiences, including sightseeing flights over some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Chile.


The airline primarily operates within Chile, focusing on the southern regions and the archipelago areas. This includes popular tourist destinations as well as locales that are often only accessible by air or sea. Their routes often change seasonally to adapt to tourism demands and other factors.


Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos operates a fleet of small to medium-sized aircraft, well-suited for short-haul flights and able to land in smaller airstrips. These aircraft types are particularly effective for their specialized services, including scenic flights and charters.