Arajet is a low-cost airline, emerged as the flag carrier of the Dominican Republic, commencing operations on September 15, 2022. Initially founded in 2014 as Dominican Wings, the airline rebranded to Arajet in 2021, under the leadership of founder Victor Miguel Pacheco Mendez. It began its journey as a charter airline and transitioned into an ultra-low-cost carrier, focusing on expanding its routes across the Caribbean and the Americas. Arajet is celebrated for its affordable flight options and its robust flight network, providing connectivity across numerous international destinations.


Arajet operates extensive flights throughout the Caribbean and the Americas, connecting key destinations like Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Montreal, Toronto, Bogotá, San José, Santiago de Chile, Santo Domingo, and many more. The airline has further aspirations to expand its services to additional locations such as New York, Miami, Boston, and others in the United States, along with several other destinations in different countries.


The Arajet fleet, as of July 2023, comprises Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, with additional orders placed for Boeing 737 MAX 200 models. Arajet actively aims to enhance its fleet and passenger experience by strategically investing in modern and efficient aircraft, ensuring a comfortable and reliable flying experience for its passengers. The forthcoming Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft, set to be delivered from 2024, heralds an exciting chapter in Arajet’s future operations.


  • IATA: DM

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