Amakusa Airlines

Amakusa Airlines (AMX) is a regional Japanese airline based in Amakusa, Kumamoto. Established in 1998, it primarily provides air service between Amakusa and Kumamoto, thus playing a pivotal role in the transportation system of the Amakusa Islands. Its mission is to ensure safe, secure, and comfortable air travel for the residents and visitors of the region.


Amakusa Airlines operates flights connecting Amakusa with Kumamoto, a significant urban center on the Kyushu mainland. It also offers charter services to other destinations within Japan, providing flexibility to cater to specific travel needs.


The airline operates a fleet consisting of the ATR 42-600 aircraft, a turboprop plane ideally suited for short-haul, regional flights. It ensures efficiency and comfort, offering a delightful travel experience for passengers.


  • IATA: MZ

Official site:

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