Alpines Airlines

Alpines Airlines is a regional carrier, reputed for its strong commitment to connecting remote Alpine destinations with major European hubs. Tailored to cater to the unique demands of mountainous terrains, its operational efficiency is rivaled by few. Renowned for its punctuality and top-notch service, Alpines Airlines is the go-to carrier for many who wish to explore the Alpine region, be it for leisure or business.


Alpines Airlines primarily focuses on serving the Alpine region, with connections to major cities like Zurich, Geneva, Grenoble, and Innsbruck. Additionally, the airline offers seasonal flights to popular ski resorts, ensuring winter sports enthusiasts have seamless access to their favorite destinations.


Alpine Airlines boasts three strategically located bases in the Alps and Côte d’Azur region, ensuring close proximity to its passengers.

Courchevel, the primary base, is nestled within the world’s largest ski area, the three valleys. Notably, Alpine Airlines is the only airline accredited to operate commercial flights on Courchevel’s iconic runway.

Chambéry is another main hub, ranking as the third busiest French airport for private aircraft traffic. It’s the gateway to many of the top ski resorts in the French Alps for private jet travelers.

Saint-Tropez functions as the airline’s summer hub. Positioned between Cogolin and La Mole, this international airport facilitates optimal connections during the warmer months, especially to Corsica and Italy.

Each base is equipped with passenger facilities, aircraft hangars, and offices, ensuring Alpine Airlines’ seamless operations in these breathtaking landscapes.


The fleet of Alpines Airlines is specially equipped to handle challenging Alpine airfields. Primarily comprising turboprop aircraft, these planes are designed for short take-offs and landings, perfect for mountain airports. The Dash 8 and ATR series are among the notable aircraft in their lineup.


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