ALK Airlines

ALK Airlines, formally known as Air Lubo (ALK JSC), is a Bulgarian passenger charter airline with its headquarters situated in Sofia. Established in 2016, the airline embarks on offering specialized charter flight services, showcasing a commitment to connecting passengers to various destinations globally, with a particular emphasis on facilitating travel to and from Bulgaria. Despite its relatively short history, ALK Airlines demonstrates a dedication to safe, reliable, and customer-centric air travel.


ALK Airlines stands out for its extensive worldwide charter services, prioritizing the connectivity of Bulgaria with numerous global destinations. Specializing in tailored charter solutions, the airline diligently serves a myriad of routes, ensuring passengers reach their destinations with ease and convenience, thereby fulfilling varied travel requirements and preferences.


The current fleet of ALK Airlines, as of May 2023, comprises 2 Boeing-737-300 and 2 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 aircraft, ensuring an amalgamation of comfort and reliability across all its services. The airline has also seen historical operations with aircraft such as 4 Fokker 100 and 1 McDonnell Douglas MD-83, albeit for a brief period, reflecting its adaptability and evolution in fleet management to meet operational demands.



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