Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti

Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti is an Italian airline identified by the ICAO code AFQ. This airline operates out of Italy and has been known to lease aircraft for specific operations. One notable instance is when Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti leased an A319-100CJ aircraft formerly operated by Eurofly to conduct flights on behalf of the former Italian prime minister Berlusconi.


The precise destinations served by Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti are not publicly available at this time, suggesting that the airline may operate on a charter basis or within a niche market where route details are not extensively published.


The specific details regarding the fleet of Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti are not well-publicized. However, it’s known that they have leased an A319-100CJ aircraft for certain operations. The airline may possess a versatile fleet to cater to various charter services or specialized flight operations.



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