Air Rarotonga

Air Rarotonga is the premier airline of the Cook Islands, providing essential connectivity both within this archipelago and to destinations beyond. Founded in 1978, the airline serves as a lifeline for these Pacific islands, linking remote communities and facilitating the inflow of tourism, which is vital for the local economy. The airline’s main hub is located at Rarotonga International Airport, the international gateway to the Cook Islands. With its focus on safety, reliability, and exceptional service, Air Rarotonga has established itself as a trusted carrier for both domestic and international routes.


Air Rarotonga operates flights within the Cook Islands, connecting the capital island of Rarotonga with other islands such as Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, and Mauke among others. The airline also offers international services, including a popular route between Rarotonga and Papeete in Tahiti.


The airline’s fleet is optimized for regional operations and typically includes aircraft like the Saab 340, which is well-suited for shorter routes and smaller runways. The planes are equipped to provide a comfortable travel experience, taking into account the specific requirements of flying in a remote, island environment.


  • IATA: GZ

Official site:

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