Air Prague


Air Prague, a prominent European AOC operator since 2009. Established in 2002, the airline underwent a significant transformation in 2021 under new ownership and management. With the introduction of our Embraer Phenom 100 aircraft and an entire overhaul of our pilot team, we blend world-class aviator experience with modern operational techniques. Driven by a dedication to excellence, our Phenom 100 OK-VAN quickly became the most frequently flown Phenom 100 in Europe from January to September 2022. This success attributes not only to our internal reforms but also to our esteemed partners who share our vision.


Air Prague’s Phenom 100 ensures efficient and stylish travel throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region. Our aim is to provide a seamless flying experience, bypassing many weather-related challenges, thanks to our aircraft’s capacity to ascend up to 12,500 m or 41,000 ft.


Our prized Embraer Phenom 100 boasts a spacious cabin comparable to mid-size jets. Cruising at speeds up to 800 km/h, it can accommodate up to 4 passengers or 2 passengers with 160 kgs of baggage. Unique features include a vast cargo hold, a well-stocked minibar, cold catering storage, and a separate lavatory area, ensuring a luxurious travel experience. This aircraft is designed for nonstop journeys across Europe with a potential flight time of up to 3 hours under favorable conditions.


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