Air Pannonia

Air Pannonia, ingrained in the Vlašić family’s deep-rooted aviation history, epitomizes a legacy of versatile aviation services, originating from the establishment of Air Tractor doo in 1993, and followed by the inception of Pannonia Pilot School in 2009, which operates in Slovenia and Croatia with main training stationed at Osijek LDOS in Croatia. Moreover, as a reputable aircraft servicer and CAMO organization, it offers an array of services, notably, VIP transport under its notable European brand since 2014, aerial spraying, and is a distinctive provider in aerial crop management and mosquito control, particularly within Croatia.


Operating chiefly from Osijek LDOS in Croatia, Air Pannonia, with its multifaceted aviation services, does not only traverse specific destinations but encompasses varied aviation operations across European skies, providing piloting, servicing, and notably, VIP transport services across diverse European routes.


The fleet boasts an admirable versatility with aircraft like Cessna 525 CJ (9A-JIM), Cessna 525A CJ2 (9A-JIP), and Cessna 525A CJ2 (9A-JET), each contributing to the commendable services offered by Air Pannonia, from VIP transport to specialized aerial services, all encapsulating a symbol of quality and efficiency within European airspace.


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