Air Niugini


Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea, headquartered in its capital, Port Moresby. Established in 1973, the airline plays a pivotal role in connecting the remote and often inaccessible regions of this diverse island nation. Over the years, Air Niugini has expanded its network to include international destinations, thereby becoming a bridge not just within Papua New Guinea but also between the country and the rest of the world. Renowned for its hospitality and focus on safety, the airline strives to offer the best service possible, whether it’s domestic travel to explore the lush landscapes or international routes to major cities.


Air Niugini operates an extensive network of routes, covering domestic destinations within Papua New Guinea as well as international destinations in Asia, Oceania, and Australia. Key domestic routes include Port Moresby to Lae, Madang, and Rabaul, while international services extend to cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore, and Manila.


The airline boasts a diverse fleet that includes Boeing 737 and Boeing 767 aircraft for its international routes, and Fokker 100 and Fokker 70 aircraft for its domestic operations. The fleet is well-maintained to meet international safety standards.


  • IATA: PX

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