Air Moana


Air Moana is a regional airline serving the Pacific Islands. Established to address the unique transportation needs of isolated communities, the airline has become a lifeline for many residents who rely on its services for travel, cargo, and medical emergencies. With a focus on safety, convenience, and affordability, Air Moana has carved a niche for itself by providing crucial connections between larger cities and remote areas. The airline aims to improve accessibility within the region, supporting both tourism and local economic development. Its reputation for reliable service and a customer-friendly approach has helped it gain a loyal clientele.


Air Moana operates flights primarily within the Pacific Island region. It offers services connecting major hubs with smaller islands and communities that are otherwise hard to reach. The airline also provides seasonal routes to meet the demand during peak travel times such as holidays or special events.


The airline operates a fleet of small to medium-sized aircraft, tailored to the specific needs of regional travel. Planes such as the Twin Otter and Cessna Caravan are frequently used, known for their versatility and ability to land on shorter airstrips.


  • IATA: NM

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