Air Mediterranean

Air Mediterranean, headquartered in Athens, Greece, is an airline that offers both scheduled and charter flights. Established to promote and facilitate travel across the Mediterranean region, the airline aims to bridge the gap between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Air Mediterranean is committed to ensuring a high standard of safety, comfort, and service for its passengers, while also providing competitive pricing that makes it a preferred choice for many travelers venturing within and beyond the Mediterranean region.


Air Mediterranean’s network primarily focuses on connecting key cities around the Mediterranean Sea. Their routes span from European destinations like London and Paris to Middle Eastern hubs such as Beirut and Amman, and even to North African cities like Casablanca and Tripoli, emphasizing their commitment to bridging diverse cultures and economies.


The airline operates a fleet of modern aircraft designed for medium-haul travel. These typically include models like the Boeing 737, recognized for its reliability and efficiency, making it well-suited for the diverse routes Air Mediterranean serves.


  • IATA: MV

Official site:

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