Air Libya

Air Libya is a privately owned charter airline based in Benghazi, Libya. Founded in 1996 as Tibesti Air Libya, it initially focused on agricultural aviation and was based in Tripoli. The company was established by the late Mr. Mohamed Almukhtar Abousaif and was the first privately-owned airline in Libya to receive an AOC (Air Operator Certificate). Air Libya operates charter flights in support of oil field operations and provides some scheduled and “ad hoc” charter services. Its main base of operations is Benina International Airport in Benghazi.


As of January 2021, Air Libya does not serve any scheduled destinations. Previously, it operated flights to several destinations including Agadez, Alexandria, Al-Fashir, Benghazi, Kufra, N’Djamena, Sabha, and Tobruk.


The Air Libya fleet consists of a total of 5 aircraft as of August 2019. This includes 1 BAe 146-200 with a passenger capacity of 92 and 4 Avro RJ100 aircraft, each with a passenger capacity of 97.


  • IATA: 7I

Official site:

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