Air Inter Island

Founded on August 15, 2003, by Martin Maldonado Frómeta, Air Inter Island, officially known as Líneas Aéreas Inter Islas, SRL, has established itself as a notable air carrier based in the Dominican Republic. While it operates primarily within the Dominican Republic and Haiti, it initially garnered attention for its diligent service between Punta Cana and Samana. Although it commenced operations with scheduled flights to several destinations, as of January 2016, the airline pivoted to providing charter-on-demand services exclusively within its operational regions.


Air Inter Island primarily functions on a charter-on-demand basis within the Dominican Republic and Haiti, having ceased its scheduled flights in January 2016. Historically, the airline served multiple cities within the Dominican Republic, facilitating seamless connections and fostering local and international tourism and commerce.


Emphasizing safety and reliability, the Air Inter Island fleet consists of a Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six. The airline is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable flying experience, ensuring passengers reach their destinations with ease, whether for business or leisure travel, across its operational regions.