Air Independence

Air Independence, based in Munich, Germany, is a premier charter airline that specializes in offering business jet services. Established in the early 2000s, the airline has garnered significant recognition for its exceptional quality of service, placing a premium on privacy, flexibility, and comfort. Catering to elite clientele, including corporate executives, VIPs, and discerning travelers, Air Independence ensures a seamless flying experience, emphasizing punctuality and personalized service.


Being a charter airline, Air Independence primarily operates on-demand, which means its destinations vary based on customer requirements. While they have the capability to serve numerous airports across Europe, they also cater to international requests, making them a flexible choice for varied itineraries.


The fleet of Air Independence is designed to cater to luxury travel needs. It includes a range of aircraft such as Bombardier Challenger and Learjet models, each furnished with opulent interiors, modern amenities, and the latest safety features. Their aircraft are regularly maintained to ensure the utmost reliability and comfort during every flight.



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