Air France Hop

Air France Hop, commonly known simply as “HOP!”, is a regional subsidiary of the renowned Air France. Founded in 2013, HOP! was established to consolidate the regional flight operations of its predecessor airlines. Serving as the primary domestic feeder network for Air France’s intercontinental routes, it plays a pivotal role in connecting smaller cities and towns to major transport hubs within France and neighboring countries. Embodying the core values of punctuality, efficiency, and customer service, HOP! continues to be an integral part of the Air France network.


HOP! extensively covers the French territories, linking regional cities to international hubs like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. Additionally, it offers connections to several European destinations, ensuring that passengers from smaller towns have the convenience of traveling internationally with seamless transfers.


The HOP! fleet is composed primarily of regional jet and turboprop aircraft. This includes the Embraer E-Jet series, Bombardier CRJ planes, and ATR 42/72 turboprops, all chosen for their efficiency and suitability for short-haul routes.


  • IATA: A5

Official site:

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