Air Class Lineas Aereas


Air Class Líneas Aéreas, also known as simply Air Class, is a passenger and cargo airline based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Established in 1996, the airline serves as a pivotal player in connecting various destinations through its cargo and passenger services. Navigating through numerous routes, Air Class endeavors to provide reliable air transportation solutions, ensuring the secure and timely delivery of goods and enjoyable travel experiences for passengers.


Air Class Líneas Aéreas has traditionally provided cargo and passenger services between Uruguay and Paraguay, as well as other destinations in South America. Though the airline has a strong emphasis on cargo operations, it has also facilitated passenger travel, ensuring connectivity between vital South American destinations.


The fleet of Air Class Líneas Aéreas, as of the last available information, comprises a range of aircraft suited to both cargo and passenger services. This includes Boeing 727s utilized predominantly for cargo operations and other aircraft capable of passenger transportation, ensuring a versatile and reliable service across its operational routes.


  • IATA: VZ

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