Air Chathams


Air Chathams is a New Zealand-based regional airline that was founded in 1984. The airline operates out of its main hub at Chatham Islands/Tuuta Airport, providing essential connectivity between the Chatham Islands and mainland New Zealand. Over the years, the airline has expanded its service offerings to include other regional destinations in New Zealand. Not only does Air Chathams offer scheduled passenger flights, but it also provides charter, cargo, and air ambulance services. Known for its commitment to safety and customer service, the airline plays a critical role in connecting remote communities and fostering economic development.


Air Chathams primarily operates flights between the Chatham Islands and Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch in mainland New Zealand. Additional routes to regional destinations such as Whanganui and Kapiti Coast are also part of the airline’s network.


The airline’s fleet is composed of a mix of aircraft, including Convair 580s, Fairchild Metroliners, and Saab 340s. These planes are well-suited for the short-haul flights that Air Chathams specializes in, allowing for quick and efficient travel.


  • IATA: 3C

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