Air Charter Scotland

Air Charter Scotland is a premier private jet operator, established since 2003 under the leadership of Chairman George McFarlane. Recognized for its impeccable safety record and dedicated team, the company has flourished, evolving from operating a single turboprop to becoming a global private jet choice. With a commitment to surpassing expectations, Air Charter Scotland guarantees luxury and reliability in private aviation.


Air Charter Scotland offers flights to a myriad of destinations, including tropical paradises like the Seychelles and bustling cultural cities such as Geneva and New York. Catering to the elite traveler, their service ensures access to the most convenient airports for these sought-after locations.


The fleet boasts advanced jets like the Dassault Falcon 7X, the technologically superior Embraer Praetor 600, and the spacious Legacy 650, among others. Each aircraft is selected to provide a blend of elegance, efficiency, and comfort, facilitating a luxurious travel experience with the versatility to access various airports.



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