Air Canada Jetz

Air Canada Jetz, a distinguished charter airline headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and a fully owned subsidiary of Air Canada, commenced its journey on October 31, 2001. It primarily caters to corporate clients and professional sports teams, offering a premium business service that underscores luxury and exclusivity in air travel. The airline was initially led by Robert Perrault, with a focus on high-end, specialized charter services.


While Air Canada Jetz does not operate scheduled services to fixed destinations, its charters have included transporting all seven Canadian National Hockey League (NHL) teams and one U.S. team. Additionally, Jetz has been the preferred carrier for numerous U.S.-based NHL franchises over the years and has served high-profile clients from the entertainment industry, including U2 and The Rolling Stones, as well as political campaigns.


As of September 2023, the airline operates a fleet of four Airbus A320 aircraft, each configured with 70 business class seats, promising an unmatched level of comfort and service. In the same month, Air Canada Jetz also unveiled a new all-black livery for its fleet, coupled with modernized, upgraded cabin interiors, signifying a new era in its commitment to premium charter services.


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