Air Bravo

Air Bravo Corp, established in 2001 as a modest air service in Northern Ontario with a single aircraft, has burgeoned into one of Ontario’s premier air carriers, known for its unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Offering air charter services for business, pleasure, or emergency situations, Air Bravo ensures a top-tier flight experience, emphasizing safety, comfort, and convenience. Their growth is a testament to their commitment to going above and beyond for their clients, providing a seamless and personalized flying experience.


Air Bravo offers its clients the flexibility to fly directly to any town or city in North America, regardless of the time of day. This capability has contributed to the rising popularity of its corporate/cargo charter division, appealing to a growing number of customers who value the convenience and efficiency of private charter flights.


The backbone of Air Bravo’s fleet, the Pilatus PC-12, stands out in the charter market for its size, speed, economy, and advanced design. Recognized for its safety, the PC-12 accommodates up to nine passengers with a spacious cabin and large cargo door, making it ideal for both passenger comfort and freight needs. Its pressurized cabin cruises at 270 knots to altitudes up to 30,000 feet, offering a smooth and swift journey.


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