Air Bohemia

Air Bohemia s.r.o., with its base of operations leveraging an internationally recognized AOC certificate, stands out as a prominent commercial air transport operator. This esteemed certification authorizes companies like Air Bohemia to legally manage both commercial and private flights. Expanding its wings, the company has, since 2021, secured approval for the operation of single-engine PC-12 aircraft in the SET-IMC mode.


Air Bohemia’s primary focus is on private transport. Their sophisticated fleet services a myriad of destinations, offering passengers a bespoke travel experience tailored to individual needs. Whether for business or leisure, the airline prioritizes punctuality and convenience, ensuring passengers reach their destinations efficiently.


Air Bohemia boasts a modern fleet of American aircraft, including the Citation Excel, Citation Sovereign, and Piper Cheyenne, all designed to comfortably accommodate up to 9 passengers. Particularly notable is their Cessna Citation Excel C560XL – a business super light/midsize jet optimized for longer journeys. It’s equipped to operate both day and night flights under almost any weather conditions, and passengers’ comfort is further elevated by the dedicated services of a professional stewardess.


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