Air Belgium

Founded on 27 May 2016 and commencing operations in 3 June 2018, Air Belgium has etched its place in the aviation industry, headquartered in Mont-Saint-Guibert and operating principally from Brussels Airport. Initiated with the intent of connecting Belgium to various Asian and international destinations, the airline, under the leadership of CEO Niky Terzakis, has navigated through various challenges and opportunities, including service expansions, delays, and recalibrations of operational strategies. From conducting its inaugural flights to diversifying into cargo services, Air Belgium has showcased resilience and adaptability in its operations.


Despite encountering challenges like delayed inaugural flights and terminations of certain routes, Air Belgium has forged paths across various international terrains. This includes locations like Hong Kong, Fort de France, Pointe-à-Pitre, and various destinations in China and the Americas. However, as of May 2023, it has been reported that all scheduled flights will cease by 3 October 2023, indicating a pivotal shift in Air Belgium’s operational narrative.


Air Belgium possesses a robust and diverse fleet, currently boasting 9 operational aircraft, with an additional 11 on order. Its fleet encompasses a mix of Airbus and Boeing models, spanning the Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-900, and a cargo fleet that includes the Airbus A330-200F, Airbus A330-200/P2F, Boeing 747-8F, and a forthcoming Boeing 777-300ER/SF. Whether facilitating passenger or cargo transit, Air Belgium ensures a blend of efficiency and capacity in its aerial operations.


  • IATA: KF

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