Air Atlanta Europe

Air Atlanta Europe is a newly established airline based in Malta, formed in 2021 as a sister airline to Air Atlanta Icelandic. Built on the solid foundation of Air Atlanta Icelandic’s 35 years of aviation experience, the two airlines complement each other, sharing ownership and benefiting from the support and expertise of their respective senior management teams. They uphold high standards in safety, operational efficiency, and quality. Air Atlanta Europe, although nascent, is strategically positioned to extend exceptional ACMI, Charter, and Aircraft Management services on a global scale, much like its Icelandic counterpart.


The specific destinations Air Atlanta Europe services have not been publicly disclosed as of yet, given its recent establishment. However, being a part of the Air Atlanta brand, it’s anticipated to have a global operational outreach similar to Air Atlanta Icelandic, catering to various passenger and cargo needs across different continents. Their operational strategy is likely to be aligned with that of Air Atlanta Icelandic, providing extensive reach to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.


Air Atlanta Europe primarily operates a fleet of Boeing 747-400 aircraft.


  • IATA: 5A

Official site:

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