Air Alsie


Air Alsie, founded in 1989, is a distinguished Danish charter airline with its main hub at Sønderborg Airport. Headquartered in Sønderborg, the airline is renowned for its high-end business jet services. Over the years, it has cemented its reputation for offering quality and reliable services, catering primarily to the upscale charter market. Air Alsie is a vital player in the Danish aviation sector, known for its commitment to safety, luxury, and customer satisfaction.


Air Alsie operates all scheduled flights under its sister brand, Alsie Express. As of August 2020, in collaboration with Lübeck Air, it has been servicing routes from Lübeck Airport to destinations such as Munich, Stuttgart, Bern, and Salzburg. This collaboration marked the resumption of scheduled operations in Lübeck after a hiatus. However, by March 2023, Lübeck Air decided to conclude its ATR flights with the aim of initiating jet operations with a different airline.


The fleet of Air Alsie is a blend of comfort and advanced aviation technology. As of January 2019, the fleet comprises aircraft like the ATR 72-500, known for its regional services under Alsie Express, and an assortment of Dassault Falcon jets – the Falcon 8X, Falcon 7X, Falcon 2000LXS, and Falcon 2000S. Additionally, the airline possesses a Eurocopter EC135. The total count of aircraft in its fleet stands at 20, with an additional order for an ATR 72-500.


  • IATA: 6I

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