Aerovías DAP

Aerovías DAP is a Chilean airline renowned for its specialized services, including regional passenger flights, charter services, and air freight. Founded in 1980, the airline is headquartered in Punta Arenas, Chile. It is particularly well-known for providing essential air services to the southernmost regions of the country, including remote areas that are otherwise difficult to access. Over the years, Aerovías DAP has earned a reputation for safety, reliability, and personalized customer service. The airline has expanded its services to Antarctica, making it a significant player in the Antarctic tourism and research sectors.


Aerovías DAP primarily operates in the southern regions of Chile, including destinations like Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, and King George Island in Antarctica. The airline also offers charter services tailored to specific customer needs, including flights for scientific research and other specialized operations.


The Aerovías DAP fleet comprises various aircraft types, specifically designed to cater to different operational needs. This includes smaller turboprop aircraft for short-haul regional services as well as more complex planes capable of long-haul flights, including journeys to Antarctica.


  • IATA: V5

Official site:

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