Aerotaxi, a private airline based in the Czech Republic, specializes in both passenger and cargo charter flights across Europe. Holding strict European and World operational licenses, AEROTAXI prides itself on its commitment to comfort, safety, and flexibility, ensuring stress-free travels with minimal delays. With a focus on tailored services, passengers can bypass the inconvenience of traditional flight schedules, making Aerotaxi an optimal choice for those who prioritize time and efficiency.


Strategically covering Europe, Aerotaxi offers bespoke charter services. By emphasizing departure and arrival from proximate airports, travelers can skip the lengthy wait times and unpredictability of conventional airlines. This personalized approach to air travel ensures that passengers remain independent of routine airline schedules, saving significant time both pre-flight and in-transit.


The BE 350 Super King Air stands as the jewel of Aerotaxi’s fleet. Designed for maximum comfort, it can accommodate up to nine passengers in a luxurious setting that includes a double VIP club configuration. With a cruising speed of 550 km/h and a service ceiling of 11 km, its range covers 3,000 km, encompassing destinations throughout Europe and Northern Africa without refueling stops. To further enhance the travel experience, the aircraft is equipped with amenities such as a mini-bar, satellite phone, toilet, and customizable catering services.


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