Aeropartner, a prestigious charter airline based in the Czech Republic, specializes in private air transport using business jets. Founded in June 2001, the company has its headquarters in Podhořany u Ronova and operates primarily from Václav Havel Airport in Prague. In a significant move, Aeropartner acquired Air Prague, another private air transportation company, enriching its legacy in the aviation sector. Not just limited to the Czech Republic, Aeropartner is an embodiment of excellence in private aviation across Europe.


Aeropartner mainly focuses on charter operations, offering tailored flights to various destinations based on customer requirements. Their rich clientele often includes business tycoons, celebrities, and individuals who prefer private and luxurious air travel.


As of 2017, Aeropartner’s fleet showcases the might and elegance of six jet-powered aircraft, predominantly from the esteemed Cessna Citation brand. In addition, the company also boasts a helicopter in its fleet, showcasing its diverse air operation capabilities. These aircraft are meticulously maintained to ensure safety, luxury, and optimum performance.


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