Aeronaves TSM

Aeronaves TSM, stationed in Saltillo, Mexico, is a pivotal player in the aviation industry, specializing in cargo and charter flights. Established in 1995, it has adeptly served the sector with an expansive fleet, operating for DHL Aviation, and also offering flight training and ground schooling. Handling approximately 10,000 charter operations annually and maintaining 30 flights daily, it establishes a robust presence in the cargo flights domain. Remarkably, the airline boasts a fleet, averagely aged 36 years, which diligently facilitates its widespread operations.


Aeronaves TSM notably operates around 30 flights daily, and an impressive 10,000 charter operations annually, underpinning its significant role in connecting various routes through its cargo and charter services. With a dedicated service to DHL Aviation for cargo operations, the airline contributes remarkably to sustaining cargo transport and logistic chains in and out of Mexico, enabling streamlined freight movements across diverse routes.


The airline hosts a substantial fleet of 74 aircraft with 30 more ordered, ensuring it is well-equipped to cater to the demanding needs of cargo transport. The fleet includes a diverse range of aircraft, such as Boeing 737-400F, Bombardier variants, Douglas DC-9 models, Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner, and McDonnell Douglas MD variants, each offering specific capacities and functionalities tailored towards efficient cargo and charter services. The airline prudently utilizes its diverse fleet to facilitate its extensive operations and meet the varied demands of its service portfolio.



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