Aeronaves Dominicanas


Aeronaves Dominicanas is an air charter airline rooted in the Dominican Republic and established circa 1980. This airline not only vitalizes the connectivity within the cities of the Dominican Republic and the broader Caribbean but also furnishes a diverse range of services, from passenger transfer and freight to specialized services like air ambulances and advertising. With its main offices in La Isabela International Airport, Santo Domingo, and facilities in SamanĂ¡ El Catey International Airport, Aeronaves Dominicanas plays a pivotal role in regional aviation.


AERODOMCA operates flights that blanket all major cities within the Dominican Republic as well as extending its wings to other Caribbean destinations. From the serene beaches of Punta Cana to the vibrant streets of Santo Domingo and further abroad to destinations in Haiti and Cuba, the airline connects a rich tapestry of locales, each with its own unique charm and vibrancy.


AERODOMCA operates a fleet size of 7 aircraft, ensuring regular and comprehensive service across its destinations. The aircraft provide pivotal connectivity across its 14 destinations, ensuring both domestic and international travelers can explore the scenic and cultural delights offered by each location. Every airplane adheres to strict safety and service standards, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey.