Aeromexico Connect

Aeromexico Connect, formerly known as Aerolitoral, is the regional subsidiary of Aeromexico, the flag carrier airline of Mexico. Serving as a feeder airline for Aeromexico’s international and domestic services, Aeromexico Connect primarily operates short-haul flights to destinations within Mexico and to select U.S. cities, enabling passengers to connect with Aeromexico’s broader network. The airline aims to provide smooth connections and comprehensive coverage in conjunction with its parent company, ensuring access to a multitude of locations for travelers.


Aeromexico Connect operates numerous flights within Mexico, bridging regional destinations with major hubs to facilitate ongoing travel on Aeromexico’s broader network. Additionally, it reaches several U.S. cities, thus connecting the two nations with frequent and reliable service, enhancing the scope of accessible travel for both local and international passengers, and enabling connectivity to Aeromexico’s larger international network.


Historically, Aeromexico Connect has operated a fleet predominantly consisting of Embraer E-jets, which are renowned for their reliability and efficiency on short to medium-haul routes. The Embraer E190 and E170 models have been staples in their offerings, ensuring passengers experience consistent service quality and comfort across the airline’s diverse route network. The choice of aircraft aligns with the airline’s commitment to dependable, comfortable, and punctual service.


  • IATA: 5D

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