Aeromás, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, is a distinctive airline specializing in cargo and private jet charter services. Established in 1983 by seasoned pilot and CEO Daniel Dalmás, it has rooted itself in the commercial air transport market in Uruguay and Mercosur, also delivering medical evacuation flights and transferring essential medical resources like transplant organs. With its operational hub at Carrasco International Airport, Aeromás has a rich history of serving various sectors, including executive, political, and entertainment, by ensuring safe and efficient air travel.


Operational since 1983 and expanding to air transport services for both passengers and cargo in 1988, Aeromás has a steadfast presence in Uruguay and neighbouring regions. The airline connects vital destinations across Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, facilitating cargo, passenger, and specialized medical flights, ensuring crucial connectivity within Mercosur.


The fleet of Aeromás, as of February 2023, comprises various aircraft to meet its diversified service offerings. This includes 1 Embraer EMB 110P1 Bandeirante (CX-MAS), 1 Learjet 60 (CX-SCA), and 1 Piper PA-38 Tomahawk (CX-BKC), which are diligently maintained and operated to ensure secure and reliable flights for cargo, private charters, and critical medical transfers.



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