Aerolink Uganda


AeroLink Uganda, a privately-owned airline in Uganda, was founded in 2012 and holds a license from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority. The airline primarily focuses on transporting tourists to various national parks in Uganda, ensuring a more efficient and enriched experience for its passengers. Managed by Captain Catherine Mugo, its headquarters is strategically situated inside Entebbe International Airport, Uganda’s principal civilian airport. AeroLink Uganda is part of the larger Airkenya family, illustrating a strong regional presence in East Africa’s aviation sector.


AeroLink Uganda operates daily scheduled flights connecting Entebbe with destinations like Kisoro Airport, Kihihi Airstrip, Kasese Airport, and Mweya Airport in the Western Region of Uganda. Additionally, thrice-weekly services are provided to Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park in Northern Uganda, contingent on minimum passenger numbers. The airline also extends its services to destinations in East Africa, including Kenya.


AeroLink Uganda’s fleet consists of the versatile Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft. As of May 2019, they maintain four of these planes, each capable of accommodating 12 passengers.


  • IATA: A8

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